VATE provides a seamless, consultative purchase experience with extensive customer service. VATE is a real estate company that offers a wide range of real estate in categories ranging from residential homes to industrial warehouses.

Founded in 1979 in Campinas / SP, in addition to the sale, rental and exchange of real estate,  we work with condominium management and construction of residential and commercial projects.

Our culture is based on 6 pillars:

- Honesty
- Evolution
- Empathy
- Recognition
- Determination
- Negotiation

Being honest makes people believe in us. To want to evolve is to admit that ours today may be better than yesterday. Having empathy makes us put ourselves in the shoes of others and understand their expectations and needs. To recognize is to value those who do so much for us. Determination is essential to achieving our goals. To negotiate is to reconcile interests so that everyone can win.

VATE – Always do the agreemented!

Phone +55 (19) 3255-8600 / WhatsApp +55 (19) 97138-7861


250 Santos Dumont Street, Cambuí - ZIP Code 13024-020

Campinas, SP, Brazil


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